We are very pleased to have you join us. You bring great talent and energy to Sambhram Groups, students, colleagues, alumni and the larger community we serve. The Sambhram Group recognizes that its greatest assets are its employees. Through a variety of human resources programs, Sambhram invests in its people. The payoff to that investment is through employees who are intellectually and professionally endowed and rewarded, and who make personal and professional contributions for the benefit of everyone served by the Institutions. This employee handbook is designed to help you. Please take time to read it carefully and keep it in a place where it can be easily reviewed. We each play an important role as a member of the Sambhram team. This document will help you understand your role. This handbook will not answer all your questions. Please contact your supervisor, dean/director, or the office of Human Resources with any issues, concerns or questions you have about your rights and responsibilities as a Sambhram employee. Together we can make this a fruitful and rewarding association for you ……. Cordially,

V. Nagaraj
Vice Chairman
Sambhram Groups